C2H-Streaming Simple Bypass Output Port - 3.0 English

NVMe Target Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG329)

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3.0 English
Table 1. C2H -Streaming Simple Bypass Output Port Descriptions - dma_c2h_byp_out (C_CPM_QDMA = 1)
Port Name I/O Description
o_c2h_byp_out_sim_addr[63:0] O The C2H descriptor fetched from the host. 64-bit address where DMA writes data.
o_c2h_byp_out_sim_vld O Valid
i_c2h_byp_out_sim_rdy I Ready
o_c2h_byp_out_sim_qid[10:0] O Queue ID
o_c2h_byp_out_sim_port_id[2:0] O Port ID
o_c2h_byp_out_sim_error O Indicates that an error was encountered in the descriptor fetch or execution of a previous descriptor.
o_c2h_byp_out_sim_func[7:0] O PCIe function ID