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Audio Formatter LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG330)

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1.0 English

Each clock in the system has an associated reset synchronous to that clock.

Table 1. Clocks
Clock Synchronous Reset To Description
s_axi_lite_aresetn active-Low to s_axi_lite_aclk This reset resets the entire core when active.
s_axis_s2mm_aresetn active-Low to s_axis_s2mm_aclk Resets the S2MM logic apart from AXI4-Lite register interface.
m_axis_mm2s_aresetn active-Low to m_axis_mm2s_aclk Resets the MM2S logic apart from AXI4-Lite register interface.
aud_mreset active-Low to Audio Master clock Resets the sampling frequency counter. This when in reset state, does not generate AXI4-Stream out in MM2S.

These are all hard resets to the core. Apart from these, there is also a soft reset feature for the core independently for S2MM and MM2S. It gracefully completes the AXI4 Memory Map transactions and ends AXI4-Stream transactions abruptly.