CPM Configuration - 3.3 English

Versal ACAP CPM DMA and Bridge Mode for PCI Express Product Guide (PG347)

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3.3 English
  1. In the Configuration Options pane, select CPM4 PCIE Controller 0 Configuration to customize the DMA.
  2. In the Basic tab, set the following options:
    • PCIe0 Basic/Advanced mode selection: Advanced
    • PCIE0 Functional Mode: DMA
    • Maximum Link Speed: 8.0 GT/s (Gen3)
    • DMA Interface option: AXI Memory Mapped
  3. In the Capabilities tab, set the following option:
    • MSI-X- Options: MSI-X Internal

    This option enables the CPM XDMA in MSI-X internal mode.

  4. In the PCIe: BARs tab, set the following options:

    First row (for BAR0):

    • Select the Bar checkbox.
    • Set type to DMA.
    • Set size to 128 Kilobytes.

    Second row (for BAR1):

    • Select the Bar checkbox.
    • Set type to AXI Bridge Master.
    • Set size to 4 Kilobytes.
  5. In the PCIe: DMA tab, set the following options:
    • Number of DMA Read Channel (H2C): 4 (for 4 channels).
    • Number of DMA Write Channel (C2H): 4 (for 4 channels).
  6. In all other tabs, keep the default settings.
  7. Click OK and click Finish in the CIPS configuration page to generate the CIPS XDMA IP. The generated IP core displays in the Diagram tab.