QDMA Descriptor Credit Input Interface - 3.3 English

Versal ACAP CPM DMA and Bridge Mode for PCI Express Product Guide (PG347)

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3.3 English
Table 1. QDMA Descriptor Credit Input Port Descriptions
Port Name I/O Description
dma0_dsc_crdt_in_valid I Valid. When asserted the user must be presenting valid data on the bus and maintain the bus values until both valid and ready are asserted on the same cycle.
dma0_dsc_crdt_in_rdy O Ready. Assertion of this signal indicates the DMA is ready to accept data from this bus.
dma0_dsc_crdt_in_sel I Indicates whether credits are for H2C or C2H descriptor ring.

0: H2C

1: C2H

dma0_dsc_crdt_in_qid [10:0] I The QID associated with the descriptor ring for the credits are being added.
dma0_dsc_crdt_in_crdt [15:0] I The number of descriptor credits that the user application is giving to the QDMA to fetch descriptors from the host.