QDMA Features - 3.3 English

Versal ACAP CPM DMA and Bridge Mode for PCI Express Product Guide (PG347)

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3.3 English
  • 2048 queue sets
    • 2048 H2C descriptor rings.
    • 2048 C2H descriptor rings.
    • 2048 C2H Completion (CMPT) rings.
  • Supports both the AXI4 Memory Mapped and AXI4-Stream interfaces per queue (AXI4-Stream not available when CPM4 configured for 16 GT/s data rate with x16 lane width).
  • Supports Polling Mode (Status Descriptor Write Back) and Interrupt Mode.
  • Interrupts
    • 2048 MSI-X vectors.
    • Up to 32 MSI-X vectors per PF, and 8 MSI-X vectors per VF.
    • Interrupt aggregation.
  • C2H Stream interrupt moderation.
  • C2H Stream Completion queue entry coalescence.
  • Descriptor and DMA customization through user logic
    • Allows custom descriptor format.
    • Traffic Management.
  • Supports SR-IOV with up to 4 Physical Functions (PF) and 252 Virtual Functions (VF)
    • Thin hypervisor model.
    • QID virtualization.
    • Allows only privileged/Physical functions to program contexts and registers.
    • Function level reset (FLR) support.
    • Mailbox.
  • Rich programmability on a per queue basis, such as AXI4 Memory Mapped versus AXI4-Stream interfaces.