Set the PCIe Reset Pin - 3.3 English

Versal ACAP CPM DMA and Bridge Mode for PCI Express Product Guide (PG347)

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3.3 English
Because the Board option is selected, there is no need to select a pin for PCIe Reset. However, if the Evaluation Board option is not selected, and the user application has a Versal part, then the PCIe Reset pin must be set correctly. Follow the steps below to set the PCIe Reset pin.
  1. In the CIPS PS CPM Configuration page, select PS-PMC, and click IO Configuration.

    The IO Configuration page displays with a list of options to configure the CPM-PCIe functional mode.

  2. In the Peripheral column, select the PCIe Reset checkbox.

    Notice that only A0 End Point is selectable in the I/O column.

    Notice also that the multi-use I/O (MIO) pin selected in PCIe reset is automatically connected to the PCIe Reset I/O, in this case MIO 38.

  3. Next to A0 End Point, select PS MIO 38, which is the MIO pin that matches the MIO pin is connected in your board.

    Available MIO pin selections are PS MIO 18, PMC MIO 24, and PMC MIO 38.