Generating .xo Files - 1.2 English

DPUCAHX8H for Convolutional Neural Networks (PG367)

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1.2 English
The .xo (Xilinx object) file is a format of IP that can be used by the Shell in the Vitis flow. DPU IP files are released as .xo files.
  1. Download the DPUCAHX8H_xo_gen_flow.tar package which will be used to generate the DPU .xo files. The package includes DPU-related encrypted RTL and timing constraint files.
  2. Extract the .tar package and cd to the path: DPU_v3e_xo_gen_flow.
  3. Run the following command to generate the DPU .xo files, specifying the "ENGINE" and "card" options..
    vivado -mode tcl -source gen_DPUCAHX8H_ENGINE_xo.tcl -tclargs [1-5]ENGINE FREQ card(u50/u50lv/u280/u55c)

    For example, to generate 5ENGINE 275M xo for the U50LV Alveo™ card, run the following command:

    vivado -mode tcl -source gen_DPUCAHX8H_ENGINE_xo.tcl -tclargs 5ENGINE 275 u50lv
The interface of the generated DPU xo is as shown in the following figures. Each ENGINE uses one AXI port, so the DPU_AXI_* port number is the same as ENGINE number of the xo.
Note: The nomenclature for the .xo file corresponds to the number of PEs in each DPU. For instance, 3ENGINE is a DPU configured with 3 PEs.
Figure 1. 3ENGINE DPU Ports
Figure 2. 4ENGINE DPU Ports
Figure 3. 5ENGINE DPU Ports