Fully-Registered - 2.1 English

AXI Register Slice LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG373)

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2.1 English

Implemented as a two-deep FIFO buffer, this mode supports throttling by the channel source and/or channel destination as well as back-to-back transfers without incurring bubble cycles (up to 100% duty cycle). This mode is appropriate on W and R channels carrying bandwidth-critical AXI4 or AXI3 burst transfers.

This mode is selected as "Full" in the configuration dialog. Fully-registered mode drives registered payload outputs and registered VALID and READY handshake outputs as shown in the figure.

Figure 1. Fully-Registered AXI Register Slice Diagram

The figure shows that the Fully-Registered mode introduces one latency cycle, but no bubble cycles.

Figure 2. Fully-Registered Mode Timing Diagram