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Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Engine LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG383)

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1.1 English

In XTS mode of operation, two error indications are provided by the core as per the specifications and certification requirements through separate output ports. Although the xts_max_blk_err condition would deassert the s_axis_tready and prohibit any more packets from entering the core, the xts_same_key_err indication is used to alert you and does not stop the functioning of the core. This method was done because the size of a data unit not being more than 220 blocks is a mandatory requirement for any implementation of the XTS algorithm, the requirement for the two keys within an XTS key not being the same is a security recommendation and not mandatory from the AES IP perspective. The core still provides you this indication to find any flaws in system design and thus the usage of the xts_same_key_err port is left to you.

If xts_max_blk_err is asserted, you must apply a reset before the core can start functioning again. Note that the output for all the data that has already been sent to the core can be expected at the output interface.

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