Packaging the System for Software - 2022.2 English

AI Engine Tools and Flows User Guide (UG1076)

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2022.2 English

No additional packaging option (sd_card image, rootfs etc.) is required for software emulation ps_on_x86 flow. sd_card or Linux-related settings are not required in the package step.

Table 1. Software Emulation Packaging Options
Command line flag Software emulation PS on x86 Software emulation QEMU Details
platform Target Platform Target platform

Either a base platform, or a custom platform that meets AI

Engine flow requirements.

target sw_emu sw_emu Specifies the software emulation build target

Causes the Vitis compiler to save intermediate files created

during the build and package process

boot_mode Not required sd

Indicates the device boots from an SD card or from a QSPI

image in flash memory. Values can be: sd or qspi.

out-dir <path> <path>

Specifies a directory where output files should be created. If

out-dir is not specified, the files are written to the current

working directory.

Kernel_image Not required <path>/Image

Specifies the image file that is specified as part of the linking

command. The file here should be the same for both


rootfs Not required <path>/rootfs.cpio

Specifies the path to the Root FS file that is requires as part

of the linking command. The file should be the same for

both targets.


The AI Engines will be enabled by the PS application. When

unset, generate the CDO commands to enable AI Engines

during PDI load instead. Only valid if libadf.a is an input

file and the platform is of a Versal platform.

sd_file Not required <file>

Copies the ELF for the main application that will run on the

Cortex-A72 processor for bare metal, and any files needed

to run on Linux. The XCLBIN file is automatically copied to

the out-dir or sd_card folder. To have more files copied

to the sd_card folder, you must specify this option multiple


Table 2. Software Emulation Table of Outputs
Build Output
PS on X86 No output files generated as part of out_dir/sd_dir.

The current directory contains below files i.e xclbin and host executable.

|-- aie_graph.xclbin
| |-- host.exe
|-- BOOT_bh.bin //Boot header
|-- BOOT.BIN //Boot File
|-- boot_image.bif
|-- //Hardware emulation launch script
|-- libadf 
|-- sd_card
| |-- BOOT.BIN
| |-- boot.scr
| |-- aie_graph.xclbin
| |-- host.exe
| |-- Image
|-- sd_card.img