Connection Constructor Templates - 2023.2 English

AI Engine Kernel and Graph Programming Guide (UG1079)

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2023.2 English
connect [name](portA, portB)
Connects two kernel ports.
  • portA can be a stream port output, a cascade output or an I/O-buffer output.
  • portB can be a stream port input, a cascade input or an I/O-buffer input

Cascade ports must be connected together, defined as follows:

connect [name] (cascade out, cascade in)
Table 1. Available Connections
  Stream Input I/O-Buffer Input Cascade Input
Stream Output Yes Yes N/A
I/O-Buffer Output Yes Yes N/A
Cascade Output N/A N/A Yes
connect [name](portA, portB)

Connects between hierarchical ports between different levels of hierarchy.

connect [name](parameter, portB)

Connects a parameter port to a kernel port.

connect [name](LUT, kernel)

Connects a LUT parameter array object to a kernel.