MIO Pin Considerations

Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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The processing system (PS) contains three banks of 26-bit general-purpose multiplexed I/O (MIO) used by different peripherals. All the three banks can support LVCMOS18, LVCMOS25, and LVCMOS33 standards. The I/O that is used in conjunction with the PMU includes the UTMI+ low pin interface (ULPI) for one USB, six GPIs for wake and signaling, and six GPOs for power supply control and signaling. The I/O pins for power management and wake up are accessible from the GPO1 and GPI1 registers, respectively.

Among the six GPOs, the PMU ROM code uses GPO1[0] on MIO[32] to control the FPD's VCC_PSINTFP power supply and GPO1[1] on MIO[33] to control the PL's VCCINT power supply. Both pins are active high (1 is power on and 0 is power off). The other four GPO[2:5] signals can drive outputs onto the MIO[34:37] pins.

The AMD development boards assign functionality for the GPO[2:5] signals, but they can be re-assigned and controlled by PMU user firmware because they are not used by the PMU ROM code. The GPO signals and MIO pins are listed in Table: PMU General Purpose MIO Pins.