Real-time Processing Unit Features

Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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2.4 English

Integer unit implementing the Arm v7-R instruction set.

Single and double precision FPU with VFPv3 instructions.

Arm v7-R architecture memory protection unit (MPU).

64-bit master AXI3 interface for accessing memory and shared peripherals.

64-bit slave AXI3 interface for DMA access to the TCMs.

Dynamic branch prediction with a global history buffer and a 4-entry return stack.

Separate 128KB TCM memory banks with ECC protection for each TCM.

32KB instruction and data L1 caches with ECC protection.

Independent Cortex-R5F processors or dual-redundant configuration.

32-bit master advanced eXtensible interface (AXI) peripheral interface on each processor for direct low-latency device memory type access to the interrupt controller.

Debug APB interface to a CoreSight debug access port (DAP).

Low interrupt latency and non-maskable fast interrupts.

Performance monitoring unit.

Exception handling and memory protection.

ECC detection/correction on level-1 memories.

Lock-step (redundant CPU) configuration is available to mitigate random faults in CPU registers and gates.

Built-in self-test (BIST) to detect random faults in hardware (probably) caused by permanent failure.

Watchdog to detect both systematic and random failures causing program flow errors.