TrustZone Security

Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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TrustZone technology provides a foundation for system-wide security and the creation of a trusted platform. The basic principle behind TrustZone technology is the isolation of all software and hardware states and resources into two worlds, trusted and not trusted.

A non-secure virtual processor can only access non-secure system resources, whereas, a secure virtual processor can see all resources. Resource access is extended to bus accesses using the NS flag which is mapped to the AxPROT[1] attribute on the AXI interconnect.

Any part of the system can be designed to be part of the secure world including debug, peripherals, interrupts, and memory. By creating a security subsystem, assets can be protected from software attacks and common hardware attacks.

Typical example TrustZone technology use cases include firmware protection, security management, and peripheral/IO protection. The TrustZone functionality is further described in the TrustZone section.