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Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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Once the RTC alarm generates an interrupt to the PMU, the handler for the RTC wake detects if there is a firmware loaded for this purpose. If not, the handler checks whether an on-demand procedure is queued up in the PMU. Prior to the power down, the Cortex-R5F MPCore requests for the power up of the RPU and TCM while the interrupts for the power-up requests are masked. It requests the Cortex-R5F MPCore reset to be released while the interrupt for that request is masked, again. Upon waking up from the RTC, the PMU proceeds with the RPU power-up and issues the Cortex-R5F MPCore reset. This Figure shows the flowchart for wake-up from a deep sleep.

1.RPU and TCM power up requests are unmasked as a part of the RTC wake.

2.Cortex-R5F MPCore reset request is unmasked as a part of the RTC wake.

3.TCM is powered up first as a result of the follow-up TCM power-up interrupt.

4.RPU is powered up as a result of the follow-up RPU power-up interrupt.

5.Reset to the Cortex-R5F MPCore is released as a result of the follow up Cortex-R5F MPCore reset request interrupt.

6.Your code on the Cortex-R5F MPCore releases the system monitor out of the power down state.

7.The code on the Cortex-R5F MPCore clears the RTC alarm. Because the RTC has an interrupt status register, setting the alarm bit to 1 clears the interrupt.

Figure 6-5:      Wake up from Deep Sleep Flowchart

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