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Kria K26 SOM Thermal Design Guide (UG1090)

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The K26 SOM is not designed with a system thermal solution to dissipate the total module power (TMP) thermal load into the ambient environment. This is because every system has unique environmental, operating, and mechanical constraints. Your system design is required to have an adequate thermal solution to maintain all the component temperatures below the de-rated limits as specified in the following Total Thermal Module Power section.

The K26 SOM thermal model enables you to simulate and design the appropriate thermo-mechanical system-level solution to ensure all the component temperatures are below their specified rated limits. The simulation models support both the Ansys Icepak and Siemens Flotherm thermal software packages.

The design goal for system thermal management is to keep the temperature of the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC in the K26 SOM below the limits specified in Table 1.