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ZCU111 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1271)

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The ZCU111 evaluation board features are listed here. Detailed information for each feature is provided in Board Component Descriptions .

XCZU28DR-2E, FFVG1517 package

Form factor: rectangular 11.811 in. x 7.874 in. x 0.1 in.

Configuration from:

° Dual Quad SPI

° Micro SD card

° USB-to-JTAG bridge





° CLK_100 100 MHz

° CLK_125 125 MHz

° PS_REF_CLK 33.33 MHz

° USER_MGT_SI570 (default 156.25 MHz)

° USER_SI570 (default 300 MHz)

PS DDR4 4 GB 64-bit SODIMM

PL DDR4 4 GB 64-bit component (4x16-bit)

PS GTR (bank 505) assignment

° DisplayPort 1.2 transmit only (two GTR)

° USB3 (one GTR)

° SATA with M2 connector (one GTR)

PL GTY assignment (16 total)

° SFP28 (four, bank GTY128)

° FMCP HSCP DP (four, bank GTY129)

° FMCP HSCP DP (four, bank GTY130)

° FMCP HSCP DP (four, bank GTY131)

PL FMCP HSCP (FMC+) connectivity - full LA[00:33] bus

PS MIO connectivity

° PS MIO[0:5, 7:12]: dual Quad SPI flash memory

° PS MIO[13]: PS_GPIO2

° PS MIO[14:17]: two channels of I2C

° PS MIO[18:19]: UART (one of three FT4232 UART channels)

° PS MIO[22:23]: PS_PB, PS_LED I/F

° PS MIO[26]: platform management unit (PMU)

° PS MIO[27:30]: DisplayPort control

° PS MIO[32:37]: PMU_GPIO[0:5]

° PS MIO[38]: PS_GPIO1

° PS MIO[44:51]: SD I/F

° PS MIO[52:63]: USB3.0

° PS MIO[64:77]: GEM3 Ethernet

PL I/O connections:

° PL-side user DIP switch (8-position)

° PL-side CPU reset pushbutton

° PL-side user LEDs (eight)

° PL-side user pushbuttons (five, geographic N, S, E, W, C)

° PL-side PMOD0/1 (two R.A. 2x6 receptacles)

Security - PSBATT button battery backup

SYSMON header

Operational switches (power on/off, PROG_B, boot mode DIP switch)

Operational status LEDs (INIT, DONE, PS STATUS, PGOOD)

Power management

System controller (MSP430)

The ZCU111 provides a rapid prototyping platform using the XCZU28DR-2EFFVG1517 device. See the Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Data Sheet: Overview (DS889) [Ref 1] for a feature set overview, description, and ordering information.