PS-Side: GTR Transceivers

ZCU111 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1271)

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[This Figure, callout 1]

The PS-side GTR transceiver bank 505 supports two DisplayPort transmit channels, USB (3.0) and SATA, as shown in This Figure.

Figure 3-30:      PS-GTR Lane Assignments

X-Ref Target - Figure 3-30


Bank 505 DP (DisplayPort) lanes 0 and 1 TX support the 2-channel source only PS-side DisplayPort circuitry described in DPAUX (MIO 27-30).

Bank 505 USB0 lane 2 supports the USB3.0 interface described in USB 3.0 Transceiver and USB 2.0 ULPI PHY.

Bank 505 SATA1 lane 3 supports the M.2 SATA connector U170 as shown in This Figure.

Bank 505 reference clocks are connected to the U46 SI5341B clock generator as detailed in SI5341B 10 Independent Output Any-Frequency Clock Generator.

Bank 505 connections are referenced in Xilinx Design Constraints.