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ZCU111 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1271)

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The ZCU111 board power switch is SW1. Sliding the switch actuator from the off to on position applies 12V power from J52, a 6-pin mini-fit connector. Green LED DS19 illuminates when the ZCU111 board power is on. See Board Power System for details on the on-board power system.

CAUTION! Do NOT plug a PC ATX power supply 6-pin connector into the ZCU111 board power connector J52. The ATX 6-pin connector has a different pin-out than J52. Connecting an ATX 6-pin connector into J52 damages the ZCU111 board and voids the board warranty.

This Figure shows the power connector J52, power switch SW16, and LED indicator DS19.

Figure 3-34: Power Input

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