RFMC Plug-in Card Interface

ZCU111 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1271)

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Two Samtec LPAF (8x40) connectors provide access to the ADC/DAC clocking and data path signals. The Samtec part number is LPAF-40-03.0-S-08-2-K-TR. See Table: RF RFMC Plug-in Card Interface and This Figure.

Table 3-20:      RF RFMC Plug-in Card Interface

Technical Details

Part number




Number of positions


Lead style

–03.0 = 3.0 mm

Plating option

Non-standard option

Contact SAMTEC: –S = 30µ

Selective gold in contact area, matte tin on tail

Row option

–08 = eight row

Solder type

–2 = 95.5% tin/3.8% silver/.7% copper crimp tail

Pick and place pad

–K - polyamide file pad

Tape and reel packaging

–TR = tape and reel packaging

Figure 3-20:      SAMTEC Connector

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The RFMC LPAF connector pin definitions are shown in This Figure (RF-ADC J47) and This Figure (RF-DAC J94). RF-ADC banks 224-227 and RF-DAC banks 228-229 are fully pinned out to J47 and J94, respectively.


Figure 3-21:      RFMC RF-ADC LPAF Connector, Vertical Orientation (A1 in Upper Right Corner)

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Figure 3-22:      RFMC DAC LPAF Connector, Vertical Orientation (A1 Upper Right Corner)

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