RF Data Converter Interface User Guide (UG1309)

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Click the Crossbar button at the bottom of the converter settings page, or, alternatively, the Crossbar box in the left panel to display the crossbar page. This page determines the real or complex mode of the mixer and multi-bands operating mode. Complex mode activates a pair of channels to support both in-phase(I) and quadrature(Q) signal. Because of the complex mixer (and NCO) architecture, the real-to-complex (R2C) or complex-to-complex (C2C) mode is allowed, but complex-to-real (C2R) mode is not allowed. This means that there is no C2R mode available for RF-ADC and no R2C mode available for RF-DAC. Correct operating modes are ensured by this tool. In complex mode, even channels are always used for I signals and odd channels are used for Q signals.

Figure 1. Crossbar