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RF Data Converter Interface User Guide (UG1309)

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Click Acquisition in the ADC settings page, or Generation in the DAC settings page, to open the FFT page. In the RF-DAC FFT page, the single tone and dual tone generator is embedded in the software. To generate a complex modulated signal, load a test vector file. There are variations of sub-menus in this page, including signal characteristics, customizing FFT plot, windowing function, test vector input, and output. When decimation or interpolation is enabled in the RF-ADC or RF-DAC data path, with a value more than 1 (bypass), Eff.Fs and Fs show different values in this table. Fs indicates the sampling frequency of observed RF-ADC or RF-DAC, Eff.Fs indicates the sampling frequency of original data stream (base band) after decimation or before interpolation. The X-axis (frequency) of the FFT plot reflects back the Eff.Fs. The following figure shows the RF-ADC FFT page.

Figure 1. RF-ADC FFT Page

The following figure shows the Zoom Tools on the FFT page. Use the default Zoom Tools or edit the axis range to directly configure the start and/or end values for best plot observation.

Figure 2. FFT Zoom Tool