RF Data Converter Interface User Guide (UG1309)

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Multiple bands enable one RF-DAC or RF-ADC analog channel and share multiple DUC or DDC channels to transmit or receive the multi-band carrier signals. For RF-DAC, multiple baseband signals can be up-converted in separate DUC chains and then combined at the crossbar before being sent to the analog RF-DAC block.

In RF-ADC, the multi-band/carrier inputs from one RF-ADC are split into multiple DDC paths for down-conversion. The carriers from different bands are separated and located at low frequencies (in general at zero). In the multi-bands operation, a converter is enabled on channel 0 (dual bands at channel 0 and 1) or channel 2 (dual bands at channel 2 and 3). Multi-bands operations support both real and complex output. All these configurations can be enabled at the crossbar page. The following figure illustrates the dual bands configuration of C2C and C2R.

Figure 1. Multi-Bands