RF-DAC Settings

RF Data Converter Interface User Guide (UG1309)

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Decoder Mode
Choose which performance to optimize: noise floor or linearity. Noise floor optimization must be selected for communication applications.
Nyquist Zone
Choose which Nyquist zone the signal will be located in: Normal Mode for Nyquist zone one and Mix Mode (Gen 3 only) for Nyquist zone two. See this link for more information.
Interpolation Settings
Choose your interpolation factor.
Note: If you select Off, some digital blocks will be powered down and the outputs will not be active.
Inverse Sinc Settings
Enabling Inverse Sinc compensates sinc roll-off at high frequencies. This function is only effective when the signal is located in Nyquist zone one.

The following functions are for Gen 3 only.

The drop-down box used to choose datapath modes. The four available modes are Full Nyquist DUC, IMR low pass, IMR high pass, and DUC bypass.
The VOP current value. This value is also displayed on the diagram of each channel.
Power Management
Use to power down or power up a single channel within a tile.