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RF Data Converter Interface User Guide (UG1309)

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1.4 English
Settings > Communication
Displays the current communication interface. JTAG-UART is used for the RF Analyzer.
Figure 1. Communication Interface
Settings > Dynamic Performances
Some RF-ADC metrics are based on the frequency range. On the RF-ADC FFT page, there is a marked-out calculation table, the SNR, ENOB, SFDRxH23, and FspurxH23 are calculated based on the Band of Interest set here. In loop mode, some metrics are calculated over a number of measurements that can be set under Averaging.
Figure 2. Band of Interest
Settings > Data File Format
Indicate your preferred file format between the .lvm and .tdms formats. For the RF-ADC output, you can individually select whether Data or Metrics is exported.
Figure 3. Data File Format
Settings > Data Folders
Select your preferred folders for the test vector of RF-DAC, saved data from RF-ADC, and onboard clocking frequency configuration files. By default, these are located in \Data\, with ADC, DAC, and Clocking as the respective folder names.