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RF Data Converter Interface User Guide (UG1309)

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The RF Analyzer can use some of the temperature functionalities of the system monitor.

In the Hardware Target tab, the temperature is read and displayed when the Connect button is clicked, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 1. Temperature Read When Connect Button Clicked

The System Monitor window is accessible by clicking the System Monitor button on the Overview tab, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 2. System Monitor

The System Monitor window shows a graphical view of the current temperature for the period of time shown in the Track Time field. It also shows the maximum and minimum temperature since power up or since the last reset.

The refresh rate, track time, and alarm upper limit can be modified, and these changes are effective once the Apply button is clicked.

The alarm status flag turns on if the temperature is above the temperature displayed in the Alarm Temperature field. The flag turns off when the temperature goes below the temperature displayed in this field. The exception is when the alarm temperature has never been changed from start-up, and, in this case, the flag is disabled.

The Reset Min/Max option resets the temperature to the minimum and maximum without the need of a power cycle.