Connecting and Disconnecting the Ribbon Cable

Alveo Programming Cable User Guide (UG1377)

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A 2x15 ribbon cable is required to connect between the Alveo data center accelerator card and the programming module. See Programming Cable.

Connecting the Ribbon Cable

When connecting the ribbon cable and programming module, align the cable key with the spacing on the maintenance connector. The cable key is shown in the following image.

Figure 1. Ribbon Cable Key
Important: The ribbon length you use can vary depending on your system setup. For ribbon cable lengths greater than six inches, the JTAG transfer frequency used by the Vivado® hardware manager to program the card must be reduced from 15 MHz to 10 MHz. Complete details are discussed in Programming the Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card.
Important: The U25 card can only be programmed using the 6-inch cable. Longer cables are not supported.

Debug-port enabled Alveo data center accelerator cards have a maintenance connector that attaches to the corresponding connector on the programming module through the ribbon cable. The corresponding connector on the programming module is shown in Figure 2. Figure 3 shows the ribbon cable attaching to the 2x15-pin maintenance connector of the Alveo U50 data center accelerator card.

Figure 2. Connecting Ribbon Cable to Debug Connector
Figure 3. Attaching the Ribbon Cable to Alveo Maintenance Connector Port