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Alveo Programming Cable User Guide (UG1377)

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The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
03/01/2023 Version 1.4
CE Information
  • Remove inapplicable CE directive.
  • Updated compatibility information for radio disturbance characteristics.
  • Removed CE safety information.
Compliance Markings Removed low voltage directive call-out.
8/19/2022 Version 1.3
Introduction Added U55C
9/15/2020 Version 1.2
Introduction Updated to include the latest devices that use this cable.
Connecting and Disconnecting the Ribbon Cable Added Figure 4 and Figure 5.
Steps to Connect and Program the Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card Updated Step 5 to be card agnostic and removed the Select Memory Device image.
Removed the Program Configuration Memory image in Step 7.
12/02/2019 Version 1.1
General updates Revised outline of document
Introduction Updated Figure 1. Added Note 1 to Table 1.
Connecting and Disconnecting the Ribbon Cable Updated Figure 3 photo
Connecting the Alveo Programming Module Updated Figure 5, Figure 6, and Figure 7 photos
Programming Module Specifications Added adapter specifications
9/17/2019 Version 2019.1
General updates No technical content updates
8/30/2019 Version 2019.1
Chapter 1: Introduction Provided a general overview of the card
Provided names of the supported cards and links to each
Chapter 2: Prevention ESD Damage Updated Figure 1
Updated Table 1 through Table 4
Chapter 3: Setting Up the System Updated Figure 2 through Figure 7
Revised steps to set up ribbon cable
Added Connecting the Alveo Programming Module
Chapter 4: Programming the Alveo Card Described how to connect and program the card
Appendix A: Board Specifications Added physical descriptions of the board
6/21/2019 Version 2019.1
Initial release. N/A