Steps to Connect and Program the Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card

Alveo Programming Cable User Guide (UG1377)

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To connect and program the Alveo data center accelerator card using the Vivado Design Suite hardware manager:
  1. Attach the free end of the USB cable (coming from the Alveo programming module) to the host computer to connect the module with the host computer.
  2. Start the Vivado Design Suite on the host computer.
  3. Open the hardware manager by selecting Flow Navigator > Open Hardware Manager.
  4. Select Tools > Auto Connect to open the target. A window, similar to one shown in the following example opens. In this case, an Alveo U50 is connected.
    Figure 1. Vivado Design Suite Hardware Manager Auto-Connect

    When using a ribbon cable longer than 6 inches, the JTAG transfer frequency must be changed from 15 MHz to 10 MHz. This lower frequency ensures proper signal integrity and successful programming. To change the JTAG transfer frequency to 10 MHz, run the following Tcl command in the hardware manager command line as shown in the following image:

    set_property PARAM.FREQUENCY 1000000 [current_hw_target]

    Figure 2. Changing JTAG Transfer Frequency via Tcl Command
  5. Choose the memory configuration device on the card.
    1. Right-click on the target opened and select Add Configuration Memory Device.
    2. Select the memory associated with the card installed, and click OK.
    3. When prompted to program the configuration memory device, click OK.
  6. Select the desired MCS file.
  7. In the Address Range drop-down list, select Configuration File Only and click OK.
  8. Disconnect the card in the Vivado Design Suite hardware manager.
  9. Disconnect the USB cable from your host computer.
  10. Power-cycle the card. The card is now updated.