Platform Naming Convention - 2021.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2021.2 English

The platform name is used when creating acceleration applications in Vitis or targeting platforms when using the Vitis compiler (v++). Pre-built platform images also use the same file name and directory name.

Pre-built Vitis embedded platforms use the following naming convention.
<Vendor>_<Board>_<Feature>_<Supported Vitis Tool Version>_<Release


The board vendor. For all Xilinx-created pre-built platforms, use xilinx.
The special function of this platform. For example:
  • base indicates that it connects all possible resources for you to use in an acceleration application.
  • DFX indicates that it supports Xilinx Dynamic Function eXchange (DFX).
<Supported Vitis Tool Version>
The specific version of the Vitis development platform that the platform is designed for. This also indicates the version of the Vivado® Design Suite tools that the pre-built platform is created by.
<Release Version>
The release version of the platform. The first version is 1.

For example, the following platform names follow the naming convention:

  • xilinx_zcu102_base_202020_1
  • xilinx_zcu104_base_202020_1
  • xilinx_zc706_base_202020_1
  • xilinx_zcu102_base_dfx_202020_1
Note: Platform source code uses a git branch for versioning. The directory name is <Board>_<Feature> (for example, zcu102_base). The platform generated from the source in has the name xilinx_zcu102_base_202020_1.