domain config - 2022.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2022.2 English

Configure the active domain.


domain config [options]

Configure the properties of active domain.


Option Description
-display-name <display name> Display name of the domain.
-desc <description> Brief description of the domain.
-sd-dir <location> For domain with Linux as OS, use pre-built Linux images from this directory, while creating the PetaLinux project. This option is valid only for Linux domains.
-generate-bif Generate a standard bif for the domain. Domain report shows the location of the generated bif. This option is valid only for Linux domains.
-sw-repo <repositories-list> List of repositories to be used to pick software components like drivers and libraries while generating this domain. Repository list should be a tcl list of software repository paths.
-mss <mss-file> Use mss from specified by <mss-file>, instead of generating mss file for the domain.
-readme <file-name> Add a README file for the domain, with boot instructions and so on.
-inc-path <include-path> Additional include path which should be added while building the application created for this domain.
-lib-path <library-path> Additional library search path which should be added to the linker settings of the application created for this domain.
-sysroot <sysroot-dir> The Linux sysroot directory that should be added to the platform. This sysroot will be consumed during application build.
-boot <boot-dir> Directory to generate components after Linux image build.
-bif <file-name> Bif file used to create boot image for Linux boot.
-qemu-args <file-name> File with all PS QEMU args listed. This is used to start PS QEMU.
-pmuqemu-args <file-name> File with all PMC QEMU args listed. This is used to start PMU QEMU.
-pmcqemu-args <file-name> File with all pmcqemu args listed. This is used to start pmcqemu.
-qemu-data <data-dir> Directory which has all the files listed in file-name provided as part of qemu-args and pmuqemu-args options.
-hw-boot-bin <BOOT.BIN> Boot PDI used for booting the static region of a Versal DFX design. This PDI is created from Vivado Design. Platform developers can add components like u-boot, bl31 to the PDI generated from Vivado and include it along with the platform.


Empty string, if the domain is configured successfully. Error string, if no domain is active or if the domain cannot be configured.


domain config -display-name zc702_MemoryTest
-desc "Memory test application for Zynq"

Configure display name and description for the active domain.

domain config -image "/home/user/linux_image/"

Create PetaLinux project from pre-built Linux image.

domain -inc-path /path/include/ -lib-path /path/lib/

Adds include and library search paths to the domain's application build settings.