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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2021.2 English

Get, set, or modify software repositories


repo [OPTIONS]

Get/set the software repositories path currently used. This command is used to scan the repositories, to get the list of OS/libs/drivers/apps from repository.


Option Description
-set <path-list> Set the repository path and load all the software cores available. Multiple repository paths can be specified as Tcl list.
-get Get the repository path(s).
-scan Scan the repositories. Used this option to scan the repositories, when some changes are done.
-os Return a list of all the OS from the repositories.
-libs Return a list of all the libs from the repositories.
-drivers Return a list of all the drivers from the repositories.
-apps Return a list of all the applications from the repositories.
-add-platforms <platforms directory> Add the specified directory to the platform repository.
-remove-platforms-dir <platforms directory> Remove the specified directory from the platform repository.


Depends on the OPTIONS specified.

-scan, -set: Returns nothing.

-get: Returns the current repository path.

-os, -libs, -drivers, -apps: Returns the list of OS/libs/drivers/apps respectively.


repo -set <repo-path>

Set the repository path to the path specified by <repo-path>.

repo -os

Return a list of OS from the repo.

repo -libs

Return a list of libraries from the repo.