Board Setup (Edge) - 3.0 English

Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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3.0 English
  1. Run the following command to install the cross-compilation system environment.
    [Host]$ cd Vitis-AI/board_setup/mpsoc
    [Host]$ ./
  2. Download and set up the board Image.
    • Download the SD card system image files from the Xilinx website.

      Use ZCU102 for an example (Registration is required for downloading this system image file from this public link).

    • Use the Etcher software to burn the image file onto the SD card.
    • Insert the SD card with the image into the destination board.
    • Plug in the power and boot the board using the serial port to operate on the system.
    • Set up the IP information of the board using the serial port.

For more information on boards, see MPSoC Setup and VCK190 Setup.