Deployment on Edge boards - 3.0 English

Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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3.0 English
  • Copy the compiled model to the board.
    [Host]$ scp tf_resnetv1_50_imagenet_224_224_6.97G_3.0/compiled/resnet50_tf.xmodel root@[BOARD_IP]:~
  • Download the vitis_ai_runtime_r3.0.0_image_video.tar.gz test image and unzip the vitis_ai_runtime_r3.0.0_image_video.tar.gz package on the target.
    [Target]# cd ~
    [Target]# tar -xzvf vitis_ai_runtime_r*3.0*_image_video.tar.gz -C Vitis-AI/examples/vai_runtime
  • Run the resnet50 example.
    [Target]# cd ~/Vitis-AI/examples/vai_runtime/resnet50
    [Target]# ./resnet50 ~/resnet50_tf.xmodel

The result is shown below.

Note: To improve the user experience, the Vitis AI Runtime packages, VART samples, Vitis AI Library samples and models have been built into the board image. Find more information refer to Quick Start For Edge