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3.5 English

Sometimes, after deploying the quantized model, it is essential to compare the simulation results on the CPU and GPU with the output values on the DPU.

You can use the dump_model API of vai_q_onnx to dump the simulation results with the quantized_model:

import vai_q_onnx
# This function dumps the simulation results of the quantized model,
# including weights and activation results.
File path of the quantized model.
A data reader used for the dump. It generates inputs for the original model.
String. The directory to save the dump results. Dump results are generated in output_dir after the function is successfully executed.
Boolean. Determines whether to dump the float value of weights and activation results.
Note: The batch_size of the dump_data_reader should be set to 1 for DPU debugging.

After successfully executing the command, the dump results are generated in the output_dir. Each quantized node's weights and activation results are saved separately in *.bin and *.txt formats.

In cases where the node output is not quantized, such as the softmax node, the float activation results are saved in *_float.bin and *_float.txt formats if the option "save_float" is set to True.

The following table shows examples of the dump results.

Table 1. Example of Dumping Results
Batch Number Quantized Node Name Saved files
1 Yes resnet_v1_50_conv1



2 Yes resnet_v1_50_conv1_weights



2 No resnet_v1_50_softmax