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2.5 English

The Vitis AI 2.5 release uses containers to distribute the AI software. The release consists of the following components.

Tools Container

The tools container consists of the following:

  • Containers distributed through Docker Hub:
  • Unified compiler flow includes:
    • Compiler flow for DPUCZDX8G (Edge)
    • Compiler flow for DPUCAHX8H (Cloud)
    • Compiler flow for DPUCVDX8G (Edge)
    • Compiler flow for DPUCVDX8H (Cloud)
    • Compiler flow for DPUCADF8H (Cloud)
  • Pre-built conda environment to run frameworks:
    • conda activate vitis-ai-tensorflow for TensorFlow-based flows
    • conda activate vitis-ai-tensorflow2 for TensorFlow2-based flows
    • conda activate vitis-ai-pytorch for PyTorch-based flows
  • Alveo Runtime tools
Note: Caffe has been deprecated from Vitis™ AI 2.5. For information on Caffe, see Vitis AI 2.0 User Guide.

Runtime Packages for Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC and VCK190

For MPSoC, the runtime packages are located at For VCK190, the runtime packages are located at It contains the following items:

  • PetaLinux SDK and Cross compiler tool chain
  • Vitis AI board packages based on the 2022.1 release, including the Vitis AI new generation runtime VART.

Models and overlaybins are located at You can also find the following items here:

  • All public pre-trained models
  • Overlays for Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs and Alveo accelerator cards
  • Scripts to automate the downloading and installation processes for models and overlays.