vai_q_tensorflow Error Codes - 3.5 English

Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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3.5 English
Table 1. vai_q_tensorflow Error Codes
Error Code Cause Solution
Quantize_TF1_Invalid_Input The specified ​input_frozen_graph​ file is not found Verify input_frozen_graph is correct and the file exists.
Quantize_TF1_Invalid_Bitwidth The specified nodes_bit value is invalid, such as being less than 1 Verify nodes_bit content is correct.
Quantize_TF1_Invalid_Method The specified method value is invalid and is not within the [0,1,2] range Verify the method value is correct.
Quantize_TF1_Length_Mismatch The specified input_shapes is invalid, such as mismatching with input_nodes, not being 4-dimensional, or containing an element that is not an integer Verify the input_shapes shape is correct and matches input_nodes.
Quantize_TF1_Invalid_Input_Fn The specified input_fn module import failed Verify that input_fn is correct and ensure the function is implemented correctly.
Quantize_TF1_Invalid_Target_Dtype The specified convert_datatype value is invalid and is not within the [0,1,2,3,4] range Verify the convert_datatype value is correct.
Quantize_TF1_Unsupported_Op An unsupported op, such as FusedBatchNorm, is encountered when converting datatype Replace the unsupported op.