DDR4 PS Interface Pins

T2 Telco Accelerator Card User Guide (UG1496)

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The following table summarizes the ZU48DR DDR4 PS interface pin map.

Table 1. DDR4 PS Interface Pin Map
Pin Number Signal Name Description I/O
AV31 PS_DDR4_1_A0 DDR4 Address 0 O
AW28 PS_DDR4_1_A1 DDR4 Address 1 O
AV28 PS_DDR4_1_A2 DDR4 Address 2 O
AU29 PS_DDR4_1_A3 DDR4 Address 3 O
AW31 PS_DDR4_1_A4 DDR4 Address 4 O
AU28 PS_DDR4_1_A5 DDR4 Address 5 O
AL29 PS_DDR4_1_A6 DDR4 Address 6 O
AM30 PS_DDR4_1_A7 DDR4 Address 7 O
AM29 PS_DDR4_1_A8 DDR4 Address 8 O
AP29 PS_DDR4_1_A9 DDR4 Address 9 O
AT31 PS_DDR4_1_A10 DDR4 Address 10 O
AT32 PS_DDR4_1_A11 DDR4 Address 11 O
AT30 PS_DDR4_1_A12 DDR4 Address 12 O
AU32 PS_DDR4_1_A13 DDR4 Address 13 O
AN30 PS_DDR4_1_BA0 DDR4 Bank Address 0 O
AM32 PS_DDR4_1_BA1 DDR4 Bank Address 1 O
AN32 PS_DDR4_1_BG0 DDR4 Bank Group 0 O
AU23 PS_DDR4_1_DM0# DDR4 Data Mask 0 O
AT27 PS_DDR4_1_DM1# DDR4 Data Mask 1 O
AL24 PS_DDR4_1_DM2# DDR4 Data Mask 2 O
AM27 PS_DDR4_1_DM3# DDR4 Data Mask 3 O
AR38 PS_DDR4_1_DM4# DDR4 Data Mask 4 O
AV22 PS_DDR4_1_DQ0 DDR4 Data I/O 0 Bidirectional
AW24 PS_DDR4_1_DQ1 DDR4 Data I/O 1 Bidirectional
AW23 PS_DDR4_1_DQ2 DDR4 Data I/O 2 Bidirectional
AV25 PS_DDR4_1_DQ3 DDR4 Data I/O 3 Bidirectional
AR23 PS_DDR4_1_DQ4 DDR4 Data I/O 4 Bidirectional
AW25 PS_DDR4_1_DQ5 DDR4 Data I/O 5 Bidirectional
AV23 PS_DDR4_1_DQ6 DDR4 Data I/O 6 Bidirectional
AR24 PS_DDR4_1_DQ7 DDR4 Data I/O 7 Bidirectional
AP26 PS_DDR4_1_DQ8 DDR4 Data I/O 8 Bidirectional
AV27 PS_DDR4_1_DQ9 DDR4 Data I/O 9 Bidirectional
AT25 PS_DDR4_1_DQ10 DDR4 Data I/O 10 Bidirectional
AW26 PS_DDR4_1_DQ11 DDR4 Data I/O 11 Bidirectional
AR27 PS_DDR4_1_DQ12 DDR4 Data I/O 12 Bidirectional
AU27 PS_DDR4_1_DQ13 DDR4 Data I/O 13 Bidirectional
AU25 PS_DDR4_1_DQ14 DDR4 Data I/O 14 Bidirectional
AV26 PS_DDR4_1_DQ15 DDR4 Data I/O 15 Bidirectional
AK24 PS_DDR4_1_DQ16 DDR4 Data I/O 16 Bidirectional
AM25 PS_DDR4_1_DQ17 DDR4 Data I/O 17 Bidirectional
AP24 PS_DDR4_1_DQ18 DDR4 Data I/O 18 Bidirectional
AN23 PS_DDR4_1_DQ19 DDR4 Data I/O 19 Bidirectional
AK23 PS_DDR4_1_DQ20 DDR4 Data I/O 20 Bidirectional
AP23 PS_DDR4_1_DQ21 DDR4 Data I/O 21 Bidirectional
AP25 PS_DDR4_1_DQ22 DDR4 Data I/O 22 Bidirectional
AN25 PS_DDR4_1_DQ23 DDR4 Data I/O 23 Bidirectional
AN27 PS_DDR4_1_DQ24 DDR4 Data I/O 24 Bidirectional
AK27 PS_DDR4_1_DQ25 DDR4 Data I/O 25 Bidirectional
AN26 PS_DDR4_1_DQ26 DDR4 Data I/O 26 Bidirectional
AN28 PS_DDR4_1_DQ27 DDR4 Data I/O 27 Bidirectional
AK26 PS_DDR4_1_DQ28 DDR4 Data I/O 28 Bidirectional
AK28 PS_DDR4_1_DQ29 DDR4 Data I/O 29 Bidirectional
AL25 PS_DDR4_1_DQ30 DDR4 Data I/O 30 Bidirectional
AM28 PS_DDR4_1_DQ31 DDR4 Data I/O 31 Bidirectional
AR39 PS_DDR4_1_DQ32 DDR4 Data I/O 32 (ECC) Bidirectional
AP38 PS_DDR4_1_DQ33 DDR4 Data I/O 33 (ECC) Bidirectional
AP39 PS_DDR4_1_DQ34 DDR4 Data I/O 34 (ECC) Bidirectional
AP36 PS_DDR4_1_DQ35 DDR4 Data I/O 35 (ECC) Bidirectional
AT39 PS_DDR4_1_DQ36 DDR4 Data I/O 36 (ECC) Bidirectional
AP35 PS_DDR4_1_DQ37 DDR4 Data I/O 37 (ECC) Bidirectional
AR36 PS_DDR4_1_DQ38 DDR4 Data I/O 38 (ECC) Bidirectional
AT36 PS_DDR4_1_DQ39 DDR4 Data I/O 39 (ECC) Bidirectional
AT24 PS_DDR4_1_DQS0 DDR4 Data Strobe 0 (P) Bidirectional
AU24 PS_DDR4_1_DQS0# DDR4 Data Strobe 0 (N) Bidirectional
AR26 PS_DDR4_1_DQS1 DDR4 Data Strobe 1 (P) Bidirectional
AT26 PS_DDR4_1_DQS1# DDR4 Data Strobe 1 (N) Bidirectional
AM23 PS_DDR4_1_DQS2 DDR4 Data Strobe 2 (P) Bidirectional
AM24 PS_DDR4_1_DQS2# DDR4 Data Strobe 2 (N) Bidirectional
AL26 PS_DDR4_1_DQS3 DDR4 Data Strobe 3 (P) Bidirectional
AL27 PS_DDR4_1_DQS3# DDR4 Data Strobe 3 (N) Bidirectional
AR37 PS_DDR4_1_DQS4 DDR4 Data Strobe 4 (P) Bidirectional
AT37 PS_DDR4_1_DQS4# DDR4 Data Strobe 4 (N) Bidirectional
AV32 PS_DDR4_1_ODT DDR4 On Die Termination O
AN31 PS_DDR4_1_PAR DDR4 Parity O
AP28 PS_DDR4_1_RAS# DDR4 Row Address Strobe O
AP30 PS_DDR4_1_CAS# DDR4 Column Address Strobe O
AL30 PS_DDR4_1_ACT# DDR4 Activate O
AU30 PS_DDR4_1_CK DDR4 Clock (P) O
AV30 PS_DDR4_1_CK# DDR4 Clock (N) O
AW30 PS_DDR4_1_CKE DDR4 Clock Enable O
AW29 PS_DDR4_1_CS# DDR4 Chip Select O
AR28 PS_DDR4_1_WE# DDR4 Write Enable O
AL32 PS_DDR4_1_ALERT# DDR4 Alert I
AM33 PS_DDR4_1_RST# DDR4 Reset O