Configuring the PCIe Slot Bifurcation - 1.0 English

T1 Telco Accelerator Card Installation Guide (UG1518)

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1.0 English
Perform the following steps to enable bifurcation in the slot where the T1 card has been inserted. This is required for the T1 card to work properly.
Note: These steps are for a single T1 card deployment.
  1. Power on the server. The output on the monitor is shown below.

  2. Wait until the monitor lists the shortcut keys, so you can navigate into the setup. The screen with the shortcut keys looks like the following figure.

  3. Press F2 to open the system setup settings.
  4. In the System Setup screen, select the System BIOS option as shown below.

  5. Select Integrated Devices.

  6. In the menu that is displayed, scroll down until you get to Slot Bifurcation. It is on the second half of the page.

  7. Click the required slot to change bifurcation.

  8. Click Default Bifurcation and select x8x8 or x8 Bifurcation. This enables the T1 card in the slot with the correct communication over the PCI. Click the Back button in the lower right hand side of the screen.

  9. Return to the System BIOS screen and click the Back button again.
  10. In the System BIOS Settings main menu screen, click Finish.
  11. A popup window will show a warning, as shown below. Click Yes to save the changes you made.

  12. Click the Finish button again.
  13. When the system has rebooted, check to see if the T1 card has been detected using the lspci | grep Xilinx command. If the card has been detected, the response should look like the following figure.