Installing Additional Software - 1.0 English

T1 Telco Accelerator Card Installation Guide (UG1518)

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1.0 English

To run the T1 card skeleton design or other demos provided by Xilinx partners, install the following additional software on the server:

  • DPDK package. The supported versions are 18.11, 19.11, and 20.11.
  • DPDK-based pktgen application. The following versions are supported:
    • DPDK 18.11 – pktgen-3.6.1
    • DPDK 19.11 – pktgen-19.12.0
    • DPDK 20.11 – pktgen-21.05.0
      Note: For DPDK version 20.11, the DPDG kernel modules are no longer included in the DPDK package. The dpdk-kmods package is therefore included in the T1 card skeleton design package.
  • Application scripts

This software is included in the T1 skeleton design package along with a script to ensure that the software is installed correctly. The package and the scripts are described in the T1 Skeleton Design Package section of this document.

The demos provided by Xilinx partners also contain the additional software. For each design or demo, there is a local directory for the additional software as well as instructions on building it for the particular design. There is no central location on the server for these demos.

The software has been tested on the following Linux distributions: Ubuntu 18, Ubuntu 20, CentOS 7, and CentOS 8.

To run the Xilinx demos, the requirements are as follows:

  • Root access is required.
  • HugePages is enabled.