Server Requirements

Alveo X3522 Installation Guide (UG1522)

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The server hosting the X3522 must meet the following requirements:

  • The server must have a 64-bit x86 processor.
  • The server must be able to accept a half height half length 8-lane PCIe board.
  • The server must meet the Thermal Specifications given in the Alveo X3522 Data Sheet (DS1002).
    Note: A desktop machine is unlikely to meet these specifications.

    If the server does not meet these specifications the X3522 can overheat, causing preventive measures such as reducing throughput or shutting down the card. See Troubleshooting.

  • The server should have an operating system installed that is supported by the X3522 software.

    Refer to the Release Notes for the X3522 drivers and other software that you are using.

  • The following optional packages are required:
    • kernel-headers
    • kernel-devel, or kernel-smp-devel (for Symmetric Multi-Processing systems).