Alveo X3522 Installation Guide (UG1522)

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The following table lists potential issues, causes, and fixes related to card installation.

Table 1. Card Troubleshooting
Issue Potential Cause Fix
All variants
Card not found when running lspci. Card not correctly installed. Reinstall the card following the installation instructions.

Check if the card shows up by typing the following Linux command: lspci -vd 10ee:

Card not compatible with server. Use appropriate server. For system capabilities, see Server Requirements.
Kernel version is incompatible. Run uname -r to check the kernel version. Ensure that the kernel version matches the version listed for your OS in Server Requirements.
Backplane slot is connected to a CPU socket that has not been populated. Consult server manual for details of which PCI slots connect to each CPU.
lspci no longer recognizes the card. Card is overheating, so hardware automatically shuts down the power supplies. The system microcontroller subsequently records that in its logs. Allow card to cool. Increase fan speed. Ensure that operating ambient conditions do not exceed the Thermal Specifications given in the Alveo X3522 Data Sheet (DS1002).
Driver installation incomplete or unsuccessful. Missing dependent packages. Contact your Linux administrator.
Unable to install packages on RHEL. Incorrect permissions for download directory, for example, a /home/ directory. Download the packages to a directory where root has read access (for example, /tmp ). Use the full path to the RPM package when installing. yum will fail with a relative path to RPM package.
Flashing the card does not complete after 20 minutes. The flash operation has failed. Perform cold-reboot and then re-flash the card.