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VPK120 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1568)

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Extended Height PCIe Form-Factor

Height: 7.478 inches (18.994 cm)

Length: 9.50 inches (24.13 cm) (¾ PCIe length)

Thickness: 64.24 mil ±08% (1.632 mm ±10%)

Note: Reserve two adjacent PCIe slots to accommodate fan-sink height.
Note: A 3D model of this board is not available.

See the VPK120 Evaluation Board website for the XDC listing and board schematics.


Note: The operating temperature range is not fully tested across the specified temperature range. It is for general guidelines only. Customers should use the VPK120 evaluation board for evaluation purposes only in a normal lab environment and should not operate beyond room temperature.

Operating: 0°C to +45°C

Storage: –25°C to +60°C

5% to 95% non-condensing

Operating Voltage

+12 VDC


The VPK120 evaluation board includes a mechanical stiffener to help ensure success with the board under normal lab conditions and use. While it is recommended to not remove this stiffener, it is understood that it might be necessary to remove it for continued evaluation. This is especially true when operating in a PCIe chassis.

The mechanical stiffener screw torque is 4.5 in-lbs. When attaching or removing the mechanical stiffener, ensure proper ESD precautions are taken. See Standard ESD Measures for suggestions on best practices.

  • Removing the Stiffener

    With power and other cabling unplugged, carefully unscrew the nine 4-40 screws in any order. Care needs to be taken with the cooling solution as the board is manipulated due to potential excessive forces.

  • Attaching the Stiffener
    1. With power and other cabling unplugged, carefully align the PCBA standoff holes to the sheet metal tray (stiffener) standoffs.
    2. Insert two screws in opposite corners of the board/tray combination. Loosely tighten the screws to aid in alignment.
    3. Add the remaining seven screws and loosely tighten.
    4. In a left to right or right to left pattern, tighten all nine screws to 4.5 in-lbs.
Note: The tray will only fit one direction with the QSFP-DD connectors having a cutout below. See Board Component Descriptions for more information.