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VPK120 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1568)

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[Figure 1, callout 20]

The VPK120 board power switch is SW13. Sliding the switch actuator from the off to the on position applies 12VDC power from either the 2x3 6-pin mini-fit power input connector J16 (power from an external 120VAC-to-12VDC power adapter) or the 2x4 8-pin ATX power supply PCIe-type connector JP1.

Important: Power to the VPK120 is mutually exclusive and only one of the two power connectors J16 or JP1 should be used to provide board power.

The green LED DS36 illuminates when the VPK120 board power switch is on. See Board Power System for details on the onboard power system.

Do NOT plug a PC ATX power supply 6-pin connector into the VPK120 board power connector J16. The ATX 6-pin connector has a different pinout than J16. Connecting an ATX 6-pin connector into J16 damages the VPK120 board and voids the board warranty.

The following figure shows the power connector J16, power switch SW13, and LED indicator DS36.

Figure 1. Power Input