QSFP-DD Control Signals

VPK120 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1568)

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The QSFP-DD control signals can be asserted in multiple ways. Each QSFP-DD has an I2C connection to the I2C1 bus through the I2C multiplexer (TCA9548PWR U35) as shown in the PMC MIO[44:45] I2C1 Bus section.

The following table lists the QSFP-DD control signals.

Table 1. QSFP-DD Control Signals
Signal Name Feature Notes Schematic Page
QSFPDD1_MODSELL Module select U1 V34, U233 P02 7, 45, 50
QSFPDD1_RESETL Module reset U1 V35 7, 45
QSFPDD1_MODPRSL Module present U1 R31 7, 45
QSFPDD1_INTL Interrupt U1 T31 7, 45
QSFPDD1_INITMODE Low power mode U1 P37 7, 45
QSFPDD_I2C_SDA Two-wire interface data U35 I2C MUX 43, 45
QSFPDD_I2C_SCL Two-wire interface clock U35 I2C MUX 43, 45
QSFPDD2_MODSELL Module select U1 R37, U233 P03 7, 45 , 50
QSFPDD2_RESETL Module reset U1 P33 7, 45
QSFPDD2_MODPRSL Module present U1 R31 7, 45
QSFPDD2_INTL Interrupt U1 T31 7, 45
QSFPDD2_INITMODE Low power mode U1 T36 7, 45