Build and Install Onload

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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Note: Refer to Build Dependencies for details of build dependencies.

The following command will build and install Onload and required drivers in the system directories:

./onload_install [options]

Make sure that all required options are specified with the install command. For help use ./onload_install -h

  --newkernel <ver>          - Build and install drivers for new kernel
  --kernelver <ver>          - Specify kernel version for drivers
  --nobuild                  - Do not (re)compile
  --require32                - Fail if 32-bit binaries are not installed
  --setuid                   - Preload libraries are set-uid and set-gid
  --nosetuid                 - Preload libraries are not set-uid/gid
  --affinity                 - Include sfcaffinity
  --noaffinity               - Do not include sfcaffinity
  --debug                    - Build debug binaries
  --no-debug-info            - Omit debug info from binaries
  --strict                   - Compiler warnings are errors
  --require-optional-targets - Require optional targets
  --userfiles                - Only install user-level components
  --kernelfiles              - Only install kernel driver components
  --modprobe                 - Only install modprobe configuration
  --force                    - Force install if already installed
  --allow-unsupported-cpu    - Force install even when CPU is too old
  --verbose                  - Verbose logging of commands
  --test                     - Do not install; just print commands
  --listfiles                - Do not install; just list installed files
  --filter-engine            - Specify location of filter engine directory
                               by default - /opt/onload_filter_engine
  --no-filter-engine         - Don't include filter engine support even
                               if it's present in the system
  --build-profile            - Specify a build profile
  --no-initramfs             - Do not update initramfs
  --no-tcpdirect             - Do not install TCPDirect libraries

Successful installation will be indicated with the following output “onload_install: Install complete” – possibly followed by a warning that the sfc (net driver) driver is already installed.

Note: The onload_install script does not create RPMs.
  • Some optional targets require additional packages (Optional targets are listed in Build Dependencies). By default, an Onload install continues if these targets cannot be built. If the --require-optional-targets option is specified, the install fails when any prerequisite for an optional target is missing:
    ./onload_install --require-optional-targets
  • Installing on an unsupported CPU gives an error. This can also be overridden:
    ./onload_install --allow-unsupported-cpu