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Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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For all applications employing the Extensions API the following components are provided:

  • #include <onload/extensions.h>

    An application should include the header file containing function prototypes and constant values required when using the API.

  • libonload_ext.a,

    This library provides stub implementations of the extended API. An application that wishes to use the extensions API should link against this library.

    When Onload is not present, the application will continue to function, but calls to the extensions API will have no effect (unless documented otherwise).

    • To link dynamically to this library include the ‘-l’ linker option on the compiler command line:
    • You can instead link against the libonload_ext.a static library. This is required to run the application on servers that do not have the dynamic libraries installed. When doing so, it is necessary to also link with the dynamic library by adding the ‘ldl’ option to the compiler command line.
      -ldl -l:libonload_ext.a