Controlling Access to RX Queues on X3522

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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Onload 8.1 introduces a new mechanism for enabling users to reserve a hardware receive queue for a given singular application. This mechanism is currently only supported on X3522 network adapters.

This is via a new filter flag (EF_FILTER_FLAG_EXCLUSIVE_RXQ) that is applied via ef_filter_spec_init(). With this change, users can ensure the following properties for their application.

  • Other applications will be unable to snoop on traffic filtered to this application.
  • This application can guarantee that it will not receive any packets for which it did not explicitly add a filter.

In addition, this version of Onload introduces a new function, ef_filter_spec_set_dest(). This API enables the user to specify which hardware receive queue an application can listen on.

Due to the additional granularity afforded by the above granular controls, this version has necessitated the deprecation of the following broader ef_vi application flags:

Further details of specific exclusivity conditions can be found under the EF_FILTER_FLAG_EXCLUSIVE_RXQ documentation in the ef_vi User Guide (SF-114063-CD).