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Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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Error messages relating to onload_iptables operations will appear in dmesg.

Table 1. Error messages for onload_iptables
Error Message Description
Internal error Internal condition - should not happen.
Unsupported rule Internal condition - should not happen.
Out of memory allocating new rule Memory allocation error.
Seen multiple rule numbers Only a single rule number can be specified when adding/deleting rules.
Seen multiple interfaces Only a single interface can be specified when adding/deleting rules.
Unable to understand action The action specified when adding a rule is not supported.
Note: There should be no spaces, like this: action=ACCELERATE.
Unable to understand protocol Non-supported protocol.
Unable to understand remainder of the rule Non-supported parameters/syntax.
Failed to understand interface The interface does not exist. Rules can be added to an interface that does not yet exist, but cannot be deleted from an non-existent interface.
Failed to remove rule The rule does not exist.
Error removing table Internal condition - should not happen.
Invalid local_ip rule

Invalid address/mask format. Supported formats:




where a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h are decimal range 0-255, n = decimal range 0-32.

Invalid remote_ip rule Invalid address/mask format.
Invalid rule A rule must identify at least an interface, a protocol, an action and at least one match criteria.
Invalid mac

Invalid mac address/mask format.

Supported formats:



where x is a hex digit.

Note: A Linux limitation applicable to the /proc/ filesystem restricts a write operation to 1024 bytes. When writing to /proc/driver/sfc_resource/firewall_[add|del] files the user is advised to flush the write between lines which exceed the 1024 byte limit.