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Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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1.2 English

The onload_stackdump tool can produce an extensive range of data and it can be more useful to limit output to specific stacks or to specific aspects of the system performance for analysis purposes.

  • For help, and to list all onload_stackdump commands and options:
    onload_stackdump --help
  • To display documentation of EF_* environment variables:
    onload_stackdump doc
  • For descriptions of statistics variables:
    onload_stackdump describe_stats

    Describes all statistics listed by the onload_stackdump lots command.

  • To identify all stacks, by identifier and name, and all processes accelerated by Onload:
    #stack-id stack-name      pids
    6         teststack       28570
  • To limit the command/option to a specific stack, for example stack 4:
    onload_stackdump 4 lots